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A close-knit, committed and passionate team is the power behind Jacobs. These experienced individuals are ready to serve you. We consider our customers as family and strive for a personal and long-term cooperation, in which trust and customer involvement come first. The family atmosphere in the team ensures a personal and reliable cooperation, both within the team and towards our clients.

Meet our top team


The team consists of a large family of drivers, mechanics and office staff, who can count on each other day in and day out. A team with experienced and enthusiastic employees, who together put the company permanently on the map. Due to the enormous growth, the team has known different compositions over the years. The first members of staff have even become part of the company!

Our enthusiastic HR team is the point of contact for the staff. Our enthusiastic HR team is the point of contact for the staff. They know all the files by heart and ensure that all documents are accurate. Finance & Administration team ensures that all the administrative checks are done and this is where the invoices go out accurately and on time. Our experienced Sales & Marketing team does everything to prepare appropriate quotes, arrange account management for our customers and develop a strategic marketing plan.

Evolution of our team

The Customer Operations department is the fixed and trusted contact for the customer and they are responsible for all operational matters. The expert team of Operations Planners, with their years of experience, ensures optimal planning and closely monitors all deliveries.

Repairs and maintenance of the trucks are done by our experts from the Maintenance team in our own garage. Of course, none of this can take place without our large team of drivers. They take care of our transport every day, so that all goods are transported safely from A to B.

Meet the management team

Bart Tilmans


Bart Tilmans, together with Francis Paulussen (responsible for Autocars), decided in 2008 to take over the entire share package of the Jacobs family. Thanks to his previous successful career in the transport world as a planner, the operational side holds no secrets for him. Bart is financially very strong and the entrepreneurship is perfect for him, which means that the Jacobs company is now experiencing tremendous growth.

Jill Gielen


Jill Gielen has a good feeling for the transport world and decided to bite her teeth in the new Jacobs trajectory 2.0 last year. Because of her drive and energy she knows how to lift the company to a higher level. Jill is responsible for the operational functioning and organizational structure. She is in close contact with the customers and is very involved in the business.

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